You are an alien trying to blend in at a human buffet. You are passed potential food items one at a time, and you can choose whether or not to eat them. Different items will have different effects on you.

Hit Left or A to Eat.

Hit Right or D to spare.

Get all six endings! Or don't.

Made by Walter Verburg, Wolf Beck, Colleen Walsh, and Ziggy Stardust(no relation) for Ludum Dare 34: Two Button Controls OR Growing. We all had a great deal of fun making this, and we hope you get a few smiles out of playing it.

As a final note, a lot of people have said that a timer would make the game better, and that you should be able to click on the buttons. I myself thought that a timer would make the game better and that you should be able to click on the buttons, so I implemented those features after the original jam was over.

We were all wrong, the timer doesn't feel right, and the mouse clicking is too slow. I think that part of the fun of the game is accidentally eating something stupid/horrifying without having any reason to even do so. I learned a lesson from, and now, you've learned that lesson too.

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